In 1999, we opened our doors on State Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to enthusiastic visitors who quickly became loyal customers. Situated in a brick townhouse, our shop is an intimate space where freshly made chocolates are artfully arranged to create a feast for all the senses.
 We began our company with the premise that we would remain true to our artisanal roots, creating all of our chocolates and confections by hand, in small batches, with only the finest ingredients. This is artisanal production at its best, a method steeped in the traditions of the elegant chocolate houses of Europe, and old-fashioned seaside candy shops.
 To give our chocolates and confections their exceptional flavor, we start with the finest couvertures from around the world, made of cocoa beans from Central and South America, Madagascar, the Dominican Republic, and West Africa. Fresh local cream, Australian glacé fruits, crystallized pansy flowers, Italian hazelnut paste, and mint from our garden are some of the ingredients we use to create pieces of exceptional taste and beauty.
 We rely on regional traditions from the Old World and New: Truffles in the French style, Turkish Delight from Istanbul, Marzipan fruits in the Swiss style, as well as American praline, caramel confections and roasted nuts in chocolate. Byrne and Carlson is proud to present to you our hand-crafted chocolates. Enjoy and savor the nuances of fine confectionery!